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Isla Residencia - Art in Holbox

By: Ser Casasandra / 13 Nov 2021
isla residencia holbox

Isla Residencia returns with all the splendor and this time gives us the presence of Gustavo Perez Monzon. A Cuban visual artist based in Mexico since the 90s. His work is recognized as part of the movement coined by some critics as the "Renaissance of Cuban art" and he is recognized as one of the artists who introduced conceptual art in Cuba. His work deals with mysticism, spirituality, esotericism, numerology and tarot readings. The artist confesses that since he was a teenager he was attracted to the esoteric world and that art has always been a key aspect in his personal development: "since I was a student I found satisfaction in the world of art, and I grew up around it".

From November 22 to December 5, we will have the honor of having the presence of this visual artist at home. Perhaps it will be a beautiful opportunity to approach the world of art and why not also the inner world of the artist. For example, we could ask the artist what his creative process is like, what inspires him to create his work, what his rituals are....

Our guest has also had experience in the pedagogical area, especially in Mexico. In fact, part of the activities included in the Isla Residencia program is that Gustavo Perez will give talks and workshops to all those who wish to attend. Holbox will be his home for a few days and art will be the common language we will all speak.

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