Live A Wellness Experience In Holbox Island

There is a white robe of natural fabrics lying down in the bed. A soft little towel carefully bathed in lavender. The smell of Copal is all around you and its smoke is vibrant and revitalizing. You are about to immerse in the SER Wellness experience.

The palm trees surrounding the room move as a natural fan, swinging from side to side bringing the sea breeze deep within as you walk towards the gathering. Birds of multiple colors dance all around you as they sing the pirates song. Holbox is welcoming you in her unique ways. .

As you cross by the white pool you feel the serenity of a quiet morning in paradise. You are getting closer and closer to meeting the unknown. A therapist dressed in white awaits you with a kind look in her face. You feel at home again. You are ready to breath deeply into the peace that you are. You are about to live a unique moment in time.\

This is what you've been waiting for. You were getting ready for it. As you follow the instructions for your breath work therapy, there's a sense of simplicity and contemplation to it. It's all so sutile that you find yourself in an alternate state of consciousness, aware of the present moment, settled in the sacred scent of the island.

A wellness experience is an expression of love, a time to find yourself in creativity and beauty. Every part of our wellness therapies is being carefully curated to ensure an intimate approach. From breath work sessions inspired in the yogic tradition of pranayama, Tantra and Ayurveda consultations, to meditating in a sailboat across the stillness of the Mexican Gulf Sea, you are set to dive deep into the sacred essence of Holbox..

As a guest, yoga and crystal bowls meditation in the mornings are complimentary. And that's not the best part. You have a complete wellness menu to choose from. We invite you to visit our website for more details on our wellness concierge services and offerings. True luxury lies in the simple little details. Are you ready to let go of fear and fully embrace love?

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