November, a month to honor and thank

"Giving thanks is a welcoming attitude, it is the only possible interpretation and choice, in my Innocence and in my abundant and divine power, in the Love that I am." (Habiramy)

November is coming and our minds unconsciously start doing the common chatter about what we did and still have left to do before the end of the year. Without realizing it, we get carried away by the excitement of memories and by expectations that build images that can separate us from the here and now. A volume of information begins to take control of the situation and subdues us. In that instant, we must remember stillness and choose it. Instead of getting lost in these thoughts, it is better to give space to others, such as gratitude, and let it expand.

Gratitude is the feeling that contains the most goodness, expands the most love and brings the most abundance. Giving thanks for what we are, for existing, for Being and for what is to come makes us vibrate in love and changes our energy.

In Mexico, November is the month to give thanks for being here and now in the present moment, without waiting for anything to happen; and it is also the month in which we honor our history and traditions. It is the time of the year when we celebrate with deep respect and gratitude some of the most legendary Mexican rituals.

On November 1st and 2nd, we celebrate the Day of the Dead, a date when we honor those who have passed away and, according to tradition, on those dates we are visited by all the souls who have left their bodies. For this "encounter", it is very common to prepare ofrendas and altars of the dead decorated with traditional sweets, dead bread, candles, incense, sugar skulls, cempasúchil flowers and photographs of the deceased. All of Mexico joins in these monumental ofrendas to celebrate life and death as a single essence. A popular celebration of the memory of our loved ones. A ritual that honors memory over oblivion.  

Another aspect of the construction of the identity of this land is, without a doubt, the Mexican Revolution. This event began on November 20, 1910 and signified a new process of national construction, a new path towards freedom and a saving transformation of all beings that inhabit this land.

In addition to these celebrations, on November 23, Thanksgiving Day. A date that emerged in the United States and that Mexican families have adopted as an opportunity to get together and celebrate life and the privilege of existing, of BEING.    

Experiencing this traditional holiday will give you a taste of the richness and authenticity of Mexican culture. Living these festivities from the exotic island of Holbox, with the company of the people that make up Ser Casasandra will allow you to feel part of the home and family that we have built from love and gratitude.

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