Safety & health protocols

During these times of change, we have been contemplating the tranquility that our spiritual island of Holbox brings us every day. We decided to be aware of the choice of positive thoughts because of the love we have for this island of fishermen, our dear guests and collaborators, and our families.

It is our intention to bring this peace and serenity through our actions and architectural renovations in this period, starting with our Mojito's Beach Club, our Ser Esencia Restaurant and the main building, but most importantly, with the creation of the appropriate health protocols. to keep you and your loved ones safe.

We have new experiences in the works. A renewed approach to well-being from a true connection with nature and the presence of our Wellness Concierge, who is here to guide you to solve any questions you may have, give you a warm welcome and accompany you during your stay.

AHAL is the Mayan word for AWAKENING, the recognition of our higher self, a glimpse into the infinite potential of our soul. AHAL is your refuge and your place to find healing and well-being through osteopathy, restorative physiotherapy, meditation, yoga, healing with Tibetan bowls, synchrodynamics, massages at the Casa del Alma spa, Mayan cleansing and other loving treatments.

Measures for this COVID period:

– Now all our reservations include the Antigen Detection Test for each guest of Hotel Ser Casasandra.

– You will have the PCR test at your disposal, 72 hours before your departure. For each PCR test there will be a 20% contribution from us.

– Stations for hand washing and disinfection.

– Hand and shoe disinfection stations for all guests upon arrival at the hotel.

– Temperature measurement upon arrival at the hotel.

– Sanitizing gel available throughout the hotel.

– The luggage will be disinfected before reaching the room.

Food & Beverage

– Tables and chairs arranged to allow a healthy distance.

– Menus will be disinfected after each use.

– All dining areas sanitized between seats.

– The handling of all the supplies that you use during your meals has been carried out in compliance with the strictest hygienic standards, with the use of gloves and the correct washing of hands and surfaces.

– The service personnel maintain personal hygiene and the means of protection that guarantee the handling of food and supplies according to national and international standards.

Guest Rooms

– All rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between rooms, using sanitizing sprays.

– As part of the room amenities you can find a protection kit with antibacterial gel, face masks and disinfectant wipes.

– All luggage will be disinfected before delivery to the guest's room. – All contact points (light switches, door handles, etc.) will be disinfected daily during cleaning service.

Staff Area

– The staff has areas equipped with all the hygiene and disinfection supplies that they will use.

– Disinfection of hands and shoes upon entering the hotel.

– Personal protective equipment is used for all cleaning of rooms, areas and washing.

– Staff practice continuous hand washing (every 30 minutes).

– Daily temperature measurement upon entering the hotel.

Public Spaces & Communal

– All high contact points (light switches, door handles, etc.) will be disinfected regularly.

– Disinfectant gel available throughout the hotel.

Pool & Beach Area

– Beach beds cleaned and disinfected daily.

– Beach furniture arranged to allow a healthy distance.

A more humane and conscious approach must be taken in every area of our lives, as we move to a more compassionate mindset.

That is why we created the following policies where flexibility and understanding are our main drivers.

In the event that a positive is detected during your stay, proceed as follows:

– It must be confined in the room until the end of its stay.

– You are provided with individual protection equipment (mask and gloves).

– Medical follow-up is provided.

– Contactless room service with personalized menu.

– Medicine collection service with previous medical prescription and delivery to the room.

– Entertainment in the room

Why should I be unhappy? Every parcel of my being is in full bloom.


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