Spiritual Retreat 2023 - Riviera Maya, Mexico

“When a thought hurts, that's the signal that it isn't true” - Byron Katie

Last December, at Ser Casasandra we fulfilled a dream: to carry out the first of the Ser Retreats, a series of wellness meetings for all those who wish to live a transformative experience of the body and consciousness. With the spiritual retreat “Sky Mind, transcend the mind, open your heart”, this adventure of love began in the healing environment of the Holbox Island.

We cannot imagine a more welcoming place for our liturgy than this refuge in the Caribbean. The rituals on the beach, the offering of flower petals to the sea, the sunset meditation and the conscious walks at dawn were moments when spiritual purification made a sacred connection between the group and nature.

“Sky Mind” formed a family

The participants, the therapists and the entire Ser Casasandra team. This retreat left us fond memories, such as the mystical night under the starry sky of Holbox, with only the melody of the sitar in harmony with the sound of the ocean.

A wellness retreat to get to know yourself

“Sky Mind” was a stop to connect with our Being, observe ourselves and learn to identify the thoughts that cause us pain. An internal journey of self-knowledge, with the guidance of Shirayam, a therapist and facilitator with 25 years of experience.

In her companionship, the members of the group worked with methods such as Byron Katie's The Work, yoga sessions, therapeutic writing exercises, meditation with quartz bowls, and other alternative healing therapies included in the program, which gave them the tools to bring healthy routines to their daily life.

During their stay at Ser Casasandra, the “Sky Mind” family also joined the activities we offer for guests and the community, such as the screening of a movie under the stars and a Cuban night with live music. For them, chef Andrés prepared a special vegan tasting dinner at Ser Esencia restaurant.

The Ser Retreats are an experience of love to connect with our true nature. With them, we want to accompany everyone who yearns to find a state of peace in their inner search. This year, we will hold the next meeting at Holbox, from June 22 th to 25 th .

“The mind, your medicine”, with Habiramy and Juan Miguel.

A spiritual retreat for everyone who wants to dig into psychosomatic conflicts and practice a new way of seeing themselves.

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