Spiritual Retreat 2023 - Riviera Maya, Mexico

“When a thought hurts, that's the signal that it isn't true” - Byron Katie

At Hotel Ser Casasandra, on the island of Holbox-Mexico, we do a series of spiritual retreats that we have called Retreats of Being, wellness meetings for all those who want to live a transformative experience of the body and consciousness.The Retreats of the Being are an experience of love to connect with our true nature. With them, we want to accompany everyone who yearns to find a state of peace in their inner search.

Next retreat in Holbox, Mexico

Our next retreat will take place from October 27 to 30, 2023 and we have called it: "The Mind, Your Medicine".

It is a spiritual retreat for everyone who wants to investigate psychosomatic conflicts and practice a new way of seeing themselves.“Tu Mente, Tu Medicina” is an opportunity for you to take a break and dedicate some time to what is most important: getting to know yourself. Knowing what the mechanisms of the mind are will allow you to put it in function of Consciousness, of your Being, and not the other way around.

That is why in this retreat you will learn how the mind impacts the body, and how all pain or suffering is the consequence of obstructions, images, beliefs, instinctive impulses, of the psyche...

We will accompany you on your path of self-knowledge, so that you discover your true value, your intrinsic power, and you can choose a valuable life and find a state of peace.If you want to be part of this spiritual retreat in one of the most magical places in Mexico, click here for more information.

Benefits of the "The Mind, Your Medicine" spiritual retreat

  • You will learn mechanisms and methods of mental liberation to return to your peace, to practice non-dual meditation, to be more loving and compassionate with you.
  • You will be able to acquire theoretical and practical tools to apply in moments of turbulenceYou will be able to study what the ego is, stop the judgments and interpretations you make of yourself, and recognize who you really are.
  • You will find a space of well-being between nature and art.
  • You will have the company of people who have lived experiences similar to yours.
  • You will achieve an energetic connection with nature.
  • You will finally experience a release from the mechanisms of anxiety or depression through your own awareness.
  • You will be able to give yourself a space for yourself, to self-recognize yourself on a spiritual journey towards healing and inner well-being.

“The mind, your medicine” retreat with Habiramy and Juan Miguel

A spiritual retreat for everyone who wants to dig into psychosomatic conflicts and practice a new way of seeing themselves.

Habiramy, visual artist, writer and therapist. She has done a deep dive into non-duality and Advaita Vedanta studies. She is also a speaker, facilitator, and therapist for A Course in Miracles since 2016. In 2020, he founded Dharma Global, a platform that brings together a community of more than 11,000 people, including facilitators and therapists to accompany beings towards the awakening of consciousness, providing them with a deep level of dedication to mental, emotional and physical healing.

During his journey through the entire path of well-being work and research, he founded Ahal, the first holistic center in Holbox. The mission of this holistic center is to know our mind, our psyche, the awareness of what we are and to explore who we truly are despite what we think we are. To accompany beings when they wake up and remember themselves as consciousness, Ahal has experienced therapists who practice osteopathy, synchrodynamics, biodynamics, deep tissue massage and other alternative healing therapies.

Juan Miguel Sánchez, for his part, is a therapist and osteopath. Graduated in Physical Education and with a Diploma in Natural and Traditional Medicine. His experience in treating patients for 15 years and his studies of the lymphatic system or the fascia of the body prompted him to create the therapeutic method called synchrodynamics.This method is an accompaniment in the physical and mental field based on listening, both to the mind and to the physical body.

It seeks for the psyche to express itself in the body at a structural level, which leads the person to delve into their deepest being on a conscious level. He is also a contributor to Dharma Global, the first Latin American platform dedicated to promoting teachings for spiritual growth.

A wellness retreat to get to know yourself

This series of spiritual retreats began in December 2022, when at Ser Casasandra we fulfilled a dream: to carry out the first of the Retreats of the Being. We began with the well-being retreat “Sky Mind, transcend the mind, open your heart”. And we host many souls who chose the healing environment of the island of Holbox in Mexico.We cannot imagine a more welcoming place for our liturgy than this refuge in the Caribbean.

The rituals on the beach, the offering of flower petals to the sea, the meditation with the sunset, and the conscious walks at dawn are moments of spiritual purification that achieve a sacred connection between the group and nature.

"Sky Mind" was a stop to connect with our Being, observe ourselves and learn to identify the thoughts that cause us pain. An internal journey of self-knowledge, with the guidance of Shirayam, a therapist and facilitator with 25 years of experience. The most interesting thing about this type of retreat is that among the participants, the therapists and the entire Ser Casasandra team, a family is formed.

And each encounter leaves us fond memories, like the mystical night under the starry sky of Holbox, where only the melody of the sitar was heard in harmony with the sound of the ocean.In this environment we work "Sky Mind" with methods such as Byron Katie's The Work, we carry out yoga sessions, therapeutic writing exercises, meditation with quartz bowls, and other alternative healing therapies included in the program.

All of this provided the participants with the tools to bring healthy routines into their daily lives.During their stay at Ser Casasandra, the "Sky Mind" family also joined the activities we offer for guests and the community, such as the screening of a movie under the stars and the Cuban night with live music. For them, chef Andrés prepared a special vegan tasting dinner at the Ser Esencia restaurant.

Such are the spiritual retreats at Ser Casasandra, this home that you will find in Holbox, Mexico. Get all the information here.

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