The Artsy Hotel In Holbox Island, Mexico

The house of art and spirit in Holbox Island came back to life after going through a deep transformation from the inside out. All this creativity has risen thanks to the rooted love Sandra Pérez, CEO and founder of Hotel Ser Casasandra, proclaims towards art.

For Sandra and the hotel, life in itself is pure art because it's part of creation. Artists are a vessel for the expression of this creativity and that's why you will find in this hotel all kinds of art pieces. From furniture to original pieces of abstract art. This has to do with the vision of the abstract mind, the analog mind, which does not relate to drama or the ego-kind of thinking. Quiet the opposite. Abstract art has to deal with the unusual, that which is not seen with the conditioned eyes.

Art in Hotel Ser Casasandra deals more with the innocent mind, with the one that sees life as a play and not as a personal story. For Sandra and other guests artists such as Ernesto García Sánchez, Patricia Urquiola, and Jorge Pardo, art is a search of something that can't be quietly defined in a particular concept. Simplicity might come as the word to describe the ineffable because art is energy and strength. At least this is how it is experienced in a place like Ser Casasandra.

Perhaps this is not what one could expect from a luxury hotel, and that's the fascinating effect this place has over its guests. During the lockdown, the hotel was totally renewed and each detail is now filled with serenity and a sober spontaneity. The deep relationship between nature and the island is tangible in the natural and handmade materials, the soft touch in the rooms, and the exquisite food of both restaurants Ser Esencia and the Mojito's beach club.

The dance of light and shadow, the exquisite menu, and the curated island-style drinks are the perfect setting for celebrating that slowly but surely, we are traveling again.

We are waiting for you with open hearts and sandy feet.

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