The day of totality

We all unconsciously segment love. We direct our attention and our affections towards certain people and things. In this way we believe that some people and things are more valuable than others and we assign the value of our life to them. Our love is determined by the action of external goals and entities. We assume, therefore, that these external bodies must take care of us, satisfy our needs. And, from here, at this level of relationship: -me and him, or the other-, when we are not as understood as we want to be, as loved as we should be, as accompanied as we need to be, then we suffer. We can call this a love with debts, a special love, a love with guilt.

Many times we also call it infatuation, forging a vision from the lack: the other or the other things are giving me a value that I think I do not possess. We forget that the peaceful and total happiness that sustains us, always, is our true love and that of everyone. When we think ourselves or create a situation in need of affections and negotiations, caprices, there is no truth there. Let us observe this. When thoughts are separated and the other does not need to do anything for me to be happy, then we are in the presence of the deep beauty of Reality.

A beauty that does not separate, that unifies, does not interpret, does not judge; that knows its ontological condition of abundance, TO EXIST. Even the most shadowy minds in our human species have love, they are innocent. For that reason when we establish ourselves on this throne, we understand that the true trust and richness is within us, and relationships arise from there, with all humanity and with all creatures, from neutrality, without interpretation, without attachments. BE LOVE. Perhaps this month would be interesting to remember our inner source. Our totality. To bring to our Consciousness what we truly Are: Unity. Let us observe. Let's breathe for a moment. Let us close our eyes. See that we need nothing, except to be in peace. That is true love: the peace that we are.

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