The healthy mind

Get rid of worries. Why to stay in prison when the door is so wide? Move outside of the entanglement of fear.


When I travel inside myself, I close my eyes and ask what a healthy mind is, the first thing I feel is the loving impression of stillness.

There is such confusion with the mind concept that, when thinking about it, we believe that it is located in the brain; and that it is the brain, according to our fate, who generates our destiny, a kind of script in which life unfolds, from birth to death, filled with beliefs and ideologies that place us on certain sides, values , teams of society, in a period of time marked by the past that predisposes the future.

By understanding the content of the mind, and observing that it is the "architect" who moves all the threads in the scenarios we perceive — in its genesis chaos and order govern it — we experience a kind of dread.

Until now we wandered with several unchanging conventions: life is difficult, death frightens me, I am a name with my history, I have to build a future, disease is part of this world, old age is terrible, I am alone and I do not know what do to stop it, marriage is to escape, my ancestors have died of a certain disease, my mother said …, my dad believes …, the fear of death, existence is dark, happiness is achieved with certain objects and subjects that complement me and reinforce my identity of winning or losing, the world is dangerous, my reality is built on experiences that are the result of a sort of resigned karma.

All these examples of creeds shape a perennial sequence of ideations that do not allow us to see the reality of our BEING. We confuse to be, -I can-I do-I have-I must-, in every contingency we live, with to live with the BEING in its total advent. Existence becomes a victimized journey of perpetual obstacles. There is no way to get rid of sadness or deep depression if we maintain the image of the condemning world.

The brain is a receptor of the mind, a mind that also created the brain within an amorphous mass called the body. It is in this mind where all the concepts, archetypes, programs, of each of the living species are constructed. The apparent biodiversity, separated, created from the infinite energetic purity – which in its beginning, when the Big Bang, a part of the mind tried to divide reality – occurs in the same place and is sustained by the only truth: life without death , life without time, life without sacrifice, silent, still, eternal.

It is intense to accept this. But the observation only, a deep one, tells us that we are not able to create. Creation belongs to life. However, we are able to receive information, to be a channel for it to express herself through us.

How has been built what we call reality? It has been done through the unexpected: programs that the ego, the dual mind, has designed. Ego, to understand it better, is a kind of plague in the mind that introduced a very deep and deep-rooted belief in our psyche: separation. And that belief, to the extent that it has developed, in a temporary space of past and future, has moved away from our only truth: love.

Every thing we experience in this world we perceive it in a fractional way, every relationship we process, we examine it as if it happened outside of us; and this relationship quickly becomes two things: something I need, something that scares me and blames me.

This is the system of thought of that virus that makes us believe we are independent individuals, with own will and world, capable of creating a fortunate future on our own or protecting ourselves from all the environment we qualifie toxic around us. That is where all the crazy goals that humans project as salvation plans come from. Identity is reinforced through my career for being special. And has the same power for suffering the success than non-success. I could keep writing about this. True mental health is, as the word says, in the mind, and that is where healing should be sought. This is produced through the understanding that all the content of stories and images in it is not our true reality. Any emotional movement we feel leads us to the discernment chosen by the Ego as a teacher. But any questioning that I make to my beliefs, judgments and interpretations, to my pains and pleasures, will lead me to the understanding that what I conceive "I am" is impossible for it to be. A mind full of judgments cannot be a healthy mind. But a quiet and peaceful mind, a silent mind is undoubtedly healthy.

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