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Romantic getaways

Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, mojitos in our palm-tree’s coconuts, personalized service and a cozy ambiance define Ser Casasandra as a shelter for the senses, ideal place for a romantic getaway.

Mind, body and soul revive in harmony with the natural beauty of the island. The only way to understand it is living it. Scape from the world noise, to forget about unreal thing we value wrongly, to find a space to love each other and to admire the splendorous nature. A unique romantic getaway for you!

Marriage proposal in Ser Casasandra

Some places inspire to be in the mood for love from the first moment, and get straight to the heart. A marriage proposal has to be special. You just have found the ideal place to ask the one you love to walk with you!

Give is the same that receive and we know that here in Ser Casasandra. Love is the first choice we make as soon as we have conscience, choosing the person to share the path, not as an idyllic character we may construct but as a being full of light and kindness. This unique marriage proposal is designed for you!

Whale Shark in Holbox

Every year, the warm waters of Holbox are visited by the world’s largest fish named Rhincodon Typus (or whale shark). This giant fish of the oceans only feeds on plankton, a microorganism that illuminates the waters of Holbox Island in the dark nights.. This phenomenon called bioluminescence, more than a reaction of nature, it seems like magic.

Entering the water, and discovering that you are swimming next to a fish that can measure up to 20 meters, is a real rush of adrenaline, and it is without a doubt a truly wonderful experience!